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3 Quick tips to make you quicker at QuickBooks

By on June 8, 2015 in Expense, General, Mobile, Travel with 0 Comments

The rise in smart phone usage and technology has pushed aside the archaic need for filing cabinets filled with receipts, invoices and business cards.  Hundreds of expense management companies have harnessed the power of mobility to create any hard business mans dream; automated reporting and on-the-go T&E record keeping. QuickBooks (QBO) by Inuit is no different.  They’ve created an online expense software that is accessible anytime, anyplace.

As with similar programs there is so much to QBO and it’s hard to figure out where to start.  I’ve spent the last week perusing through the iPad mobile app for QBO Plus Online to choose three features that are the important, useful and will make your job – money makin’ – easier.

1.  First thing you should do when you get your QBO account is make expenses billable. Turning on this feature gives you the power to assign any expense, like cab fare to a restaurant meeting, to a client as you enter the expense into QBO and if the new Star Wars happens to be playing in the theater across the street your cab fare has a dual purpose and your client is still footing the bill.  Assigning expenses to a client at the time of creation makes tip #2 a cake walk.

web browser dashboard

web browser dashboard

  1. Open your settings in the top right hand corner of the QBO dash board
  2. Choose Company Settings to edit
  3. Click the expenses tab and turn on two features:
    1. Track expenses and items by customer
    2. Make expenses and items billable

* these features can only be turned on with a web browser – not within the mobile app.



2. Invoices can be as automatic as you need or want them to be.  With the billable feature any expense you enter can be assigned to a customer and pulled into the invoice without any additional data.

  1. Tap the create button in the top right of the mobile app screen.  The create tab, whether on the web browser or mobile app, is always indicated by the + icon.
  2. Choose invoices
  3. Pick your client from your customers list
  4. Decide when payment is due by either picking a net from the terms drop down menu oryou may manually pick a date.
  5. You can add in any additional charges
  6. At the bottom of the invoice there are spots for any memos you’d like the client to see or notes that are visible only to you.
  7. Save the invoice, deliver and get paid

3. Get to know the third party applications that are compatible with QBO.  Although QBO has the capability to do the functions of these third party apps they offer them because some, like Shoeboxed, can do it better and QBO doesn’t want to waste your valuable time pretending they are the best at everything.  Continuing with our example with Shoeboxed; you can create your customer contact list in QBO but with Shoeboxed if your in a hurry you can snap an image of a business card and they’ll create the contact for you! You can view all  the apps at apps.intuit.com, the applications they list sync your activity with them to your QBO account.

I hope this gets you started in the right direction with QBO and start invoicing those cab rides!





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