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Chrome River and Western Union are… well, unified

Chrome River is one of today’s top leaders in expense management software applications.  They promote a simple and fluid design to give business the time they need to focus on just that – their business.

Their strategy has been so successful that recently they announced a record high of new client memberships in 2014.  With business on the rise for Chrome River they have set their sights eastward to Europe and have finally revealed a new partnership with Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS).

While the initiative is UK based the benefits of the partnership will be global, “our customers can use WUBS to pay their vendors globally – not just in the UK.  We are also working with Western Union in the US and Canada” clarifies Connie Moser of Chrome River.  Western Union clients will be offered “invoice management automation and expense reporting systems” as quoted by Tony Crivelli in a Chrome River press release.  In summary Chrome River clients have a new payment option for international payments and WUBS clients now have access to payment record keeping.

For WUBS this partnership was a logical next move because of an already established relationship in the US.  While any business can reap these benefits there was a specific cliental that sparked this all; “Western Union Business Solutions provides foreign exchange services to more than 500 law firms worldwide and the new offering was designed specifically with law firms in mind” reveals Vanessa Chance of WUBS.

As mentioned, Chrome River is already on a personal all-time high for new contracts so what effect will this alliance have on that?  You guessed it; more, more and more.  Connie Moser informed Expensematters that “[Chrome River has] a marketing automation platform in place that will measure the number of subscribers that are a direct result of our alliance with Western Union” from those that have joined just because they’re awesome (our words – not theirs).

On a darker side, we’re well aware that in the last year Western Union has been under some pressure from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to add better controls to eradicate money fraud. When asked if this partnership had anything to do with those FTC requirements the answer was that this partnership is purely beneficial for business and to accommodate users better.  Not to say they haven’t taken action on that front though, “in 2014 we spent 3.3 percent of our revenue of $5.6 billion and dedicated 2,000 employees out of 10,000 to compliance” clarifies Chance.  Still, is Chrome River worried about WUBS’s snag having any negative effect? “We don’t expect Western Union’s situation to have any negative effect on us” declares Moser.

So as Spock would say, “go forth and prosper” Chrome River and WUBS – it sounds like good things are happening.



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