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Thrify Road Warrior Frugal Business Travel Tips

By on July 18, 2012 in Travel with 0 Comments

With a still shaky economy, even the largest companies are trying to cut back where they can. Instead of direct access to the company credit card, business travelers receive spending caps and lists of what is considered a business expense.  Because many companies still rely on business trips, whether for sales, meetings, trade shows or continued education, The Frugal Entrepreneur has compiled a list of tips and resources to remove unnecessary costs and reduce expenditures. 

These days, business travel is big business, and it’s why many hotels and airlines seem to be bending over backwards to provide their big corporate clientele with the best service. But frugal entrepreneurs and small business owners need to be proactive if they want to get the greatest savings and value for their money.

business travel expenseWhile many small business experts are quick to point out the virtues of collaboration tools and web conferencing as cheap business trip alternatives, the truth is that sometimes business travel cannot be avoided. Where this is the case, frugal entrepreneurs and small business owners can find themselves in a pickle: The cost of business travel continues to rise, and this is happening while the items on the “must-have” list keep getting more numerous and your available space to put it all just keeps shrinking.

Nevertheless, frugal business travel is a doable reality. But you have to make a proactive effort to keep your costs to a minimum. The following are some relatively inexpensive tips and resources, broken down into categories, that you can use to make your business trip better and cheaper.

To read the tips and resources, visit: The Frugal Entrepreneur

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