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Google Apps Marketplace in right place at right time for SMB expenses?

During the last week, at least two different expense management vendors have announced that they will be represented within the Google Apps Marketplace.

Concur Technologies, one of the world leaders in expense management, announced the introduction of Concur Breeze designed specifically for small business.  A quote from Concur’s March 9th press release:

“Concur Breeze is designed to specifically address the unique needs of small businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency with an automated expense reporting process,” said Elena Donio, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Emerging Business for Concur. “With a free trial, affordable monthly fees, and an on-demand service that can be set up in minutes, Concur has removed all barriers to automation that previously existed within this market segment. Now, any small business can experience the benefits of automated expense reporting, powered by the same technology that’s trusted by over 10,000 companies – including some of the largest companies in the world – and used by millions of employees around the globe.”

Expensify also announced their integration into the Google Apps Marketplace.  Expensify is becoming well known as one of the technology and innovation leaders in the expense management industry.  In a March 10th ReadWriteStart article by Chris Cameron, Expensify CEO David Barrett is quoted:

“Expense reports affect everyone of all business sizes, from sole proprietorships to million dollar businesses…Everyone has this problem and everyone hates the current solution,” Barrett told ReadWriteWeb Tuesday. “One thing that makes Expensify unique from other applications is it’s not built for accountants; it’s built for the people actually doing it.”

Many other software and application vendors are using the same strategy as the Google Apps Marketplace, and I think with Google’s fast growing business customers (2 million and counting), the expense product will be a hit.  There are sure to be many other expense vendors joining this list, but these are two to keep your eye on!

Finally, Concur Breeze announced that they will charge $8 per user while Expensify will charge $5 per user.  Assuming that the average SMB has between 15-25 users per month, that would translate into a $45-$75 per month difference between the two solutions.  I’d be interested to know if Concur Breeze has most of the traditional functionality of the very robust Concur spend management solution, or if Breeze and Expensify are offering very similar functionality at a very different price point.  Comments anyone?

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