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Interview with Certify

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Expense Interview Series by Cary Strange: Interview #7 -Certify

To continue our interview series, we have Heath MacArthur, Director of eCommerce at Certify. Heath, thank you for joining ExpenseMatters today. You guys are doing some neat stuff and have kind-of captured your own niche in the expense space. Could you provide some basic information about your company?
Certify is a leading self-service, online expense management solution for small to midsize companies. Organizations worldwide can create and submit expense reports quickly, easily and efficiently with a minimum of training due to our unique intuitive data entry options and easy to use interface.

Certify features no software to buy or maintain, no servers to manage, and requires only an internet connection. Your Certify on-demand subscription will get you up and running instantly with our Certify Install Wizard.

What do you recognize as your primary and secondary target markets, and why?
Certify sells direct to businesses and recognizes the small to medium size businesses as our primary market. Certify also provides the Certify Personal product for individual use and we see this as our secondary market.

It appears that there are quite a few players offering expense technology solutions. What separates your company from other companies providing similar products & services?
There are a couple of things that really separate Certify from the rest of the players in the space. First is the Certify Wallet, users have nine different ways of capturing receipts and getting them into the system to do an expense report. Receipts are not an after-thought in Certify, rather they are the governing document for any expense within our system.

Secondly, Certify is a true on-demand software-as-a-service. This means you are able to go through the implementation instantly and be live once you complete the setup wizard of the software. Certify is made available via a monthly service agreement, meaning no long terms contracts. In addition, there is no implementation fee for Certify, further reducing the risks associated with buying a new software product for any business.

What are some specific key product differentiators that provide you with a distinct advantage over your competitors?
– Mobile device enabled. Certify supports receipt capture on the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, including any camera phone with email capabilities.
– Receipt Management. Certify has the most extensive receipt capture methods available in the market today.
– Certify Wallet. Every user has the ability to manage their receipts and their credit card transactions within the Certify Wallet. This allows a user to easily sort receipts and expenses onto the correct expense report.
– Instant availability. Certify is available instantly to any new user on a real-time basis. No implementation team and no project plans – just complete our simple Installation Wizard and you are live.
– Billing / Payments. Our pricing is listed on our website and our customers pay via credit card for the service. You don’t need to be a “good negotiator” to get a good deal on Certify.
– Configuration. Users are able to easily configure Certify to meet their needs including unlimited expense categories, general ledger coding, expense policy, drop down menus and user defined fileds.
– Contract term. Certify is available on a month to month basis and does not require a company to make a long term commitment to use the software.
– No implementation fee.
– Free 30 day trial.

What are the most important questions that a company (looking for a solution) should ask before selecting an expense management provider?
What is your implementation timeframe and cost?
How does your system handle and support receipts?
Is there any additional cost for receipt management?
How configurable is the solution?
Is it easy to use for all of my users?
How often do you update your system?
What is the downtime for your application the last 12 months?

One of the most frequent questions we receive involve how the products are licensed and installed. What are your thoughts regarding the traditional licensing model versus the software as a service model (SaaS)? Which does your company provide and recommend?
Certify is a true SaaS on-demand solution. We do not offer a client-hosted model or a traditional licensing model. Certify is the feature / price leader in the space today. We are able to do this because we are not forced to support legacy enterprise software implementations (very expensive to support) and have a cost structure that is in line with our SaaS business model.

I’ve seen your name pop-up several times over the last couple of months. Do you have any new customer or partner wins that you want to share with our audience?
– Kerr Consulting (www.Kerr-Consulting.com) has selected Certify as its expense management partner. Kerr is a leading reseller of accounting software and will be integrating Certify with its clients various accounting software packages.
– nuTravel (www.nutravel.com), a leading online travel booking engine for travel management companies and corporate travel departments, has selected Certify as its expense management partner. Our integrated solution automatically generates an expense report for a traveler and includes the expense items booked through nuTravel (airfare, hotel, rental car, etc.).

This industry has been in a high growth mode for a couple of year now. What do you see happening with the industry, and the need for these types of solutions, over the next 12-18 months?
Small to midsized companies will continue to abandon the use of spreadsheets and paper in favor of employee expense management systems, resulting in continued growth in the industry. Simplicity and ease of use will be a key factor to any vendor’s success. Continued levels of automation will result in greater efficiencies in the expense management industry.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Is there anything that we have not talked about that you would like to discuss with our readers?
Certify allows its users a free 30 day no risk trial of our software. Find out just how simple expense management can be – try Certify today!

If you want to find out more information about Certify, please contact ExpenseMatters.com or reach out to Heath at Certify directly:

Heath MacArthur
Director, eCommerce
207-773-6100 ext 320

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