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Mixing Business with Pleasure in Expense Reports

By on July 3, 2012 in Travel with 0 Comments

It is not unusual to incorporate personal activities into business travel. Especially when traveling overseas, many people take time to sightsee or even bring a significant other for company. It is especially common to mix business with pleasure when business trips coincide with holidays. With the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday, many Americans traveling on business will most likely find a way to celebrate Independence Day while also getting work done.

Just keep the following in mind when compiling your expense report.

Acceptable business expenses:

Most of your travel costs, even if you stay a view days over

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from airport, hotel and business meetings, including tips.

All of your meals on allotted work days

–          Hotel nights on following or preceding work days

  • Hotel rooms are a business expense even if you have a guest joining you.

Weekends and Holidays are still considered business days

  • As long as professional reasons cause you to travel on the weekend or over the holidays, these days are billable

Travel days count as business days

  • If you are traveling on behalf of a client, travel can be considered billable hours
  • If you are an employee, some employers will compensate, either with time off or money, for holidays and/or weekends you were traveling or working.
  • This includes the return flight, even if you stayed a few days longer for personal reasons.

In order to justify any of the listed expenses, business has to be your primary reason for travelling. To assure you are following best practices, always allocate your travel expenses between business and personal time and transportation.

Safe Travels and Happy Fourth of July!

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