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Telecom Expense Management: History and Trends 2012

By on August 20, 2012 in Industry Stats with 0 Comments

Last week, Valicom Corp, a TEM firm, published a white paper that outlines Telecom Expense Management’s history, current state and future trends. TEM in 2012: History and Trends is a brief solid overview of the telecom expense management industry and is recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about telecommunications management and how it is evolving as the telecom landscape shifts and matures.

telecommunications expense managementFollowing is an excerpt from the section of the white paper, “Where We’re Going – The TEM of Tomorrow”

Another future fact no one can avoid is the continued dominance of wireless. This will accelerate even more if we actually see the oft-heralded “Death of the PC” as firms move to a more tablet-based operation. And the “bring your own device” situation will expand, as more users find they have both personal and business assets to manage.

There is also the looming issue of data capping, as the wireless carriers shut down their “all you can eat buffets” by eliminating unlimited data plans. As most cell users chew up more data these days than minutes, tracking and optimizing data usage will become more important. Especially as individual plans are replaced with “pooled data” plans. If you don’t know what your users are doing now, how can you make informed, intelligent decisions about plan options in the future? And what does that say for cost control? Look to see TEM vendors continue to expand services around wireless optimization and mobile management to address this issue.

And a last trend we see is telecom and IT providers working together more. Since the lines between telecom and IT are so heavily blurred already, many end user firms will be looking to providers to offer a wider range of solutions. So don’t be surprised to see plenty of partnering in this area, or to see IT vendors add TEM services and vice versa. This demand for expanded services is also being shown as some firms are offering multiple types of expense management in one platform from telecom to mobile to utilities to travel. It will be interested to watch as this shift matures, offering new solutions and tools.

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