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Uber & Lyft make it easier to upload those darn receipts

By on March 22, 2016 in Expense, General, Industry News, Travel with 0 Comments

Uber Lines up Leading Expense Solutions

The giant ride-hailing service Uber has spent many years building a perfect transportation alternative to public taxis. Now, Uber making it easier for business travelers and has teamed up with Concur, ExpensifyEI_Blog_Final_White, Chrome River and Certify, some of the world’s leading expense reporting software companies, to launch its ‘Auto Expense’ tool. The new tool automatically sends a copy of the Uber receipt to the expense management company for reimbursement. This helps Uber customers separate their personal and work rides, helping them save time and money.

This tool is a part of Uber’s venture called Uber for Business. Uber for Business allows employees to use a company credit card for billing their rides as opposed to using individual company cards. With nearly 1 million people activating business profiles, business travel has become the transportation provider’s fastest growing segments.

According to Max Crowley, who is leading the project, providing customers the ability to automatically submit receipts for expense reimbursement is a giant step forward in increasing customer satisfaction and in making trips seamless. Uber for Business will provide travel managers a dashboard for greater visibility on their employee’s expenses, streamlining workflow.

Business Riders Rejoice – Expensing Rides Just Got Easier

Lyft not Far Behind with ‘Lyft for Work’

Not far behind, Lyft, Uber’s competitor has announced the launch of its new program. ‘Lyft for Work’ is a new venture that is designed for, you guessed it, business folks. Participating firms can issue their workers a monthly credit balance for work-travel purposes. This streamlines employees using Lyft, as they no longer have to file expense reports or wait for reimbursements once they have paid for a work ride from their own pocket. Employees can easily link the Lyft app to their work email and then verify their organization. The bill will automatically be directed to the company’s account.

This drastically streamlines works, saving time for both employees and the accounting staff. All employees have to do is set their desired location using the app and request the payment method before hitching a ride. The app automatically defaults personal payment method on the record, preventing employees from accidentally billing personal rides to the company.

T&E Firm Integrates With Uber — And Its Rival

The two companies are head to head with each other and already have several competing services. It is still unclear which of the two companies thought of the idea first as Lyft has pointed out in their press release that the service was a part of their company’s mission plan for days.

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